Evaluating the Effects of Lime and Nano-Lime on Compaction and Strength Properties of Chaloos Coastal Sand

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1 Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Eastern Guilan, University of Guilan.

2 Geotechnical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon Branch.

3 Department of Civil Engineering, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University.


Soil as a substrate of land and the foundation of civil structures is of particular importance in the development of urban areas. Some soils are classified as problematic soils due to their low mechanical resistance or high sensitivity to moisture changes, such as the Chalus coastal sand. Soil stabilization with suitable materials is one of the methods of soil improvement for problematic soils. The effect of calcium carbonate (i.e., lime) and nano-calcium carbonate (i.e., nano-lime) on the mechanical properties of the Chalus coastal sand is evaluated in this study. For this purpose, after sampling the soil from the coasts of Chalus city and conducting basic geotechnical experiments, the mixtures were prepared with different percentages of lime and nano-lime and compaction and strength tests were performed on the mixtures. The results showed that lime and nano-lime improved the mechanical properties of the soil material. However, the effect of nano-lime on the mechanical properties of Chalus sand is more significant compared to lime-sand mixtures. In addition, the increase in the lime and nano-lime content in soil mixtures resulted in an increase in the internal friction angle and cohesion.


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