Aims and Scope

“Journal of Ferdowsi Civil  Engineering (JCE)” provides a platform for the dissemination of original and novel research articles in the field of civil engineering. Besides, its objective is to develop researches in civil engineering and create an effective communication between academic researchers. Furthermore, contributions from all aspects related to the recent developments of civil engineering are welcome. The Journal is especially willing to connect the gap between the theoretical developments and practical applications for the advantages of both academic researchers and practicing engineers. For this purpose, contributions from the practicing engineers are especially welcome. The Editorial board will only investigate articles which have not to be published anywhere else before. Note that the conference papers are exempt from this order. Hence, these papers can be evaluated and reviewed like the others, and if accepted, they can be published in JCE. The Editorial board will also investigate the following articles in addition to research papers:

1.     Short Article:

This type of article includes the preliminary results of original research. The achievements of these articles are usually less than that of the research papers.

2.   Review Paper:

This type of paper includes informative content and a literature review about a scientific topic. These papers are provided by leading researchers. The main purpose of these papers is to express the achievements and developments of researchers so that can be useful for future researchers. The review paper is usually provided by a leading researcher who is invited by the Editorial board. Anyway, all researchers and professors, who have performed a complete study in a special topic, can submit their review article to JCE.

3.  Research  Article:

This type of article contains the last research achievements at the frontiers of knowledge. These articles are provided by well-known researchers or professors who are invited by the Editorial board.