An investigation in to the choice of Ground Access to Airport using Multinomial Logit Modelling

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1 M.Sc. K. N. Toosi university of technology, Tehran, Iran

2 K. N. Toosi university of technology, Tehran, Iran


This study aimed at investigating air travellers’ behaviour with regard to choices for ground access to Imam Khomeini International Airport. The choices included subway, bus, carpooling, taxi, private car (parking) and private car (car drop-off). Data collection for this study was done during three days in summer, 2014, and Multinomial logit modelling was employed for this purpose. The survey was administered as a face to face interview in Imam Khomeini International Airport, which is located in Tehran, Iran. A total number of 257 questionnaires were collected, with the degree of validation being 34%. The most important results of this research indicate that the majority of imam Khomeini passengers have a high income(%90of them have 1.5 million tomans per month or higher) and car ownership(%92 of them have at least one car in their household). Considering that these passengers don’t have intention for using metro, with increasing the travel time, public transportation costs (e.g. parking cost) and improving metro service qulity (e.g. increasing the reliability and decreasing the travel time) , it may be possible to absorb them to use metro.


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