Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis of Dam (Case Study: Chah Nimeh Dam)

Document Type : Research Note


Tarbiat Modares


In the history, Earthquakes have been a major source of many damages and human losses and there has always been a lot of concern about the destruction of large structures such as dams due to significant financial losses and casualties caused by it as well as the uncontrolled release of water in the towns and villages located downstream. Seismic risk analysis, one of the most important methods to deal with earthquake hazards. In this study a type of seismic risk analysis in dams is discussed and used and seismic hazard analysis is conducted for the Chah Nimeh Zabol dam. Semi-quantitative risk analysis for Chah Nimeh Zabol dam by seismic hazard analysis for the location of the dam was conducted which placed it in the medium risk category and there is no requirement to redesign or reinforce the dam body. The results can be used as a guide for seismic risk of the dams.


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