Investigation Effects of Canyon Topography on the Seismic Wave Scattering by 3D-BEM

Document Type : Research Note


University of Tabriz


A Boundary Element Code has been developed and verified by numerous study .The results of the analysis of topographic forms triangular, trapezoidal, semi-circular and semi-elliptical under seismic SH waves show that one of the important factors that influence on the dynamic behavior canyons are geometric parameters (shape and depth). These factors with different frequency have various effect. The results indicated that several parameters such as wave parameters (frequency and direction) are factors that affecting the pattern of displacement on the canyon. It was demonstrated that the effects of this parameters are highly dependent with incoming frequency. That is demonstrated with increasing frequency, Effects of depth is increases. It is clear that, the graph of materials effects (damping and Poisson) on the dynamic behavior and displacement pattern are undeniable and increase the accuracy of result that need to be considered.


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