Effect of Length and Shredding of Polypropylene Fibres on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete

Document Type : Research Note


University of Isfahan


In this research, the effect of micro monofilament polypropylene fibres with three different lengths and five different amounts of fibre in two cases of non-shred and shred fibres on compressive and flexural strengths of concrete has been investigated and compared. The objective has been to obtain the most favourable length and amount of polypropylene fibres for suitable concrete mechanical properties (compressive and flexural strengths). Obtained results show that for both cases of non-shred and shred fibres, the use of 1.8 kg/m3 of polypropylene fibres with a length of 12 mm has a considerable effect on increasing compressive strength. Use of 2.4 kg/m3 of polypropylene fibres of 24 mm long significantly increases flexural strength. Furthermore use of shred fibres causes the increase of compressive and flexural strengths of concrete compared to non-shred fibres.


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