Parametric Study of Failure Load of Persian Brick Masonry Domes Stiffened by FRP Strips under Concentrated Monotonic Loads

Document Type : پژوهشی


University of Isfahan


In order to investigate the structural behaviour of Persian brick masonry domes, three types of semi-circular, (drop, ordinary and raised) four-centred and (drop, ordinary and raised) pointed domes have been studied. The three-dimensional non-linear finite element method using the ANSYS code has been used for analysis. Domes with different thicknesses and spans have been subjected to monotonic concentrated loads up to local failure. Vulnerable zones have been stiffened by FRP strips. Stiffened domes have been again subjected to monotonic loads until local failure. FRP strips with different dimensions and patterns have been used. They have been placed at the one-third and two-third of dome height. Appropriate failure criteria have been used for prediction of brick and FRP failure. In this paper, obtained results including failure loads of domes, the effect of dimensions and patterns of FRP strips, and that of the shape and span of domes on failure load are presented.


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