Presentation a Fuzzy Model to Determine Shoreline Sensitivity due to Oil Spill (Case Study- Mazandaran Coastal Area)

Document Type : Research Note


K.N.Toosi University of Technology


The Caspian Sea shoreline especially Mazandaran coastal area is very important area because of its economic, environmental, and fishery parameters as its high length is always exposed to the negative effects of oil spill. So, determination of its sensitive coastal areas due to oil spills, presentation of some approaches to develop the models, localization the methods and determination of sensitive coastal criteria to oil spills is much necessary. For creating this model, after recognizing the hazard line and creating the objective layers, the processed layers are weighted using analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and Fuzzy AHP methods, then according the fuzzy model the layers are combined by using geographic information system (GIS) software and the final sensitivity maps are produced. The fuzzy results show that the most area of Mazandaran province has a high sensitivity during the oil spills.


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